Emma’s TIME ! French / English in Music & Brain Gym




・14:00~14:45 外国語のクラス(対象年齢0才〜6才)

・15:15~16:15 ブレインジム クラス(対象年齢4才〜12才)英語で!

※ ブレインジムは、アメリカでポール・デニソン博士によって開発された脳を活性化するエクササイズからなる画期的なプログラムです。

email : contact@otominamaste.com

Every monday at Portrade : EMMA’S TIME for kids and parents !

* 0-6 years old
ENGLISH CLASS or FRENCH CLASS in music and stories !
(changing every week)
14h – 14h45
2000¥ for one mother and one kid
(2nd kids of the same familly : +1000¥)
Explanations : come and sit with your kids close to you.
Emma will play some songs, clap in her hand with you, and tell you some funy stories with gestures. This is a nice way to discover another langage and another culture for parents and kids and spend a nice time together.

*4-12 years old
BRAIN GYM in english !
Simple and funy body exercices for a better learning at school.
Bring your bottle of water, confortable clothe and be ready to have fun with Emmanuelle !
15h15 – 16h15
_ Please note that if there is enough room available, adult can join as well, but priority to kids, so you can know only on the day 🙂

* We thanks you in advance to book with Leiya, Naoshi, or the Portrade shop. Give us :
– your name,
– the class(es) you want to attend
– the number of kids with their name

Adresse : 相模原市緑区小渕1705-2F Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Email : emmanuellevalette.pro@gmail.com
Web : www.emmanuellevalette.com


Emmanuelle has been working at Shirokane-takanawa TAP Plaza for about a year when she came to Japan for the first time on a working holiday visa.
She started with some French class “Emma’s Time” using a white board, flash cards, songs, music and books at the mothers and babies/young kids section (0-6years old).
The class was successful and the mother appreciated her energetic and happy personality, and her acting skills.
Following that, the director of the Shirokane-takanawa library ask her to held some “French book reading time” at the library for kinder garden visiting the library monthly.
Then, her activity evolved with the TAP’s team with art craft teaching for elementary school students, sport activities with junior high school students, Halloween day with stamp and make-up, and weekly “English fun class” for 0-6 years old kids.

After this job, she got the chance to work in a bilingual Emilia Reggio pre-school as an Art teacher (painting / drawing / sculpting, dance…) for kids from 3 to 6 years old in Tokyo. Emilia Reggio is an alternative approach to education using a lot of arts to help children evolve faster with a lot of fun and respect, always having high expectations to invite them to always go further on their observations and application skills, and respecting and trusting them in their own way.

When the “Portrade fairtrade shop” was created, Emmanuelle had the idea to create “Emma’s Time” and shared the idea with Tsuchi, and also add another class with Brain Gym to help kids with their school work, give them confidence, and have fun with simple exercises.


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